The Trapper

I saw it run across the floor.
But not for long, I quickly swore.
A furry, fuzzy, fattened mouse,
The newest roommate in my house.
He thought he was a sneaky one,
Creeping away with all my crumbs.
But I’d be smarter than this rodent,
And lay some traps that should be potent.
When night fell, I set the bait.
Now the vigil, to watch and wait.
(In honesty I went to bed,
Visions of mice dancing in my head)
All was quiet, with nary a noise.
But on the morrow was cause to rejoice.
No longer a score to settle,
No more would my small intruder meddle.
A home invasion like no other.
That night I caught the mouse’s brother.
May future unwelcome rodents fear
The intrepid she-mouseketeer.


–Lacey Deaver