What They Want

“You can’t insert your faith in politics,”
They say, “for oil and water do not mix.”
But what they mean is this: In its place
They put a human idol, hate by race,
And false equality, a social trial
Which fails repeatedly, deluded guile
And guilt of all the evil that they accuse—
What they want is for good faith to lose.

The Raging Pachyderm

The wild and raging Pachyderm
Burned down the House, from roof to floor;
Attacked the ravaged Town, in turn,
Where reigned the foolish Mule before.

In flames, the flunkies and also-rans
Kiss Pachy’s loud and massive trunk;
He leads his fawning, adoring fans,
To ruin, undisciplined and drunk.

In his wake, he leaves destruction,
No soul his verbal rampage spares;
The Party followed his seduction,
To folly’s fall they now are heirs.


That Big and Flashy Brand

I love that big and flashy brand
Of beans — its date will soon expire,
But never mind! — It’s filled with sand,
But spicy — it’s got that Mexican fire —
And it’s big — did I say its size is grand?
Just everybody loves and buys it —
It’s rich! — And food elites despise it.