The Trapper

I saw it run across the floor.
But not for long, I quickly swore.
A furry, fuzzy, fattened mouse,
The newest roommate in my house.
He thought he was a sneaky one,
Creeping away with all my crumbs.
But I’d be smarter than this rodent,
And lay some traps that should be potent.
When night fell, I set the bait.
Now the vigil, to watch and wait.
(In honesty I went to bed,
Visions of mice dancing in my head)
All was quiet, with nary a noise.
But on the morrow was cause to rejoice.
No longer a score to settle,
No more would my small intruder meddle.
A home invasion like no other.
That night I caught the mouse’s brother.
May future unwelcome rodents fear
The intrepid she-mouseketeer.


–Lacey Deaver


Through large and looming clouds appears
A single ray of sunlight, thin
And weak against the threatening dark.

Though all the sky be filled with storm,
Upon this single shaft of hope
My eyes shall dwell and bid it grow.



Dancing steam above the cup
Wafting sweet aroma up
Brightens eye, enlivens mind
Leaving lethargy behind
Wide awake now seize the day
Industry brought underway
If you give the all you’ve got
Just go brew another pot.

–Weylan Deaver