Give Me Texas

Bring me that sun-dipped horizon,
The sad song of the lone coyote,
Rolling plains with bison,
Where waving prairie grass floats.
Let the softness of a western wind
Carry me to mesas rising.
With every heartbeat I send
My dreams on eagles flying.
Let me stand upon a hill
And drink in the deep blue sky.
Listen to the mockingbird trill,
Finding freedom nothing can buy.
Give me a stallion with spirit,
A truck to chase the road,
A ranch with mountains near it,
And a rifle to lock and load.
The roads to Fort Worth and Austin
Are trails I long have blazed.
The Pecos I have stood in
Where the dust-blown skeet tree sways.
Give me the armadillo
Scouting for his meal.
I’m off to Amarillo
For a cowboy’s heart to steal.
Give me the whole of the western world,
Summed up in cowboy glory,
Within one state of cattle-herded
Horn-toad, rodeo stories.
This is where I want to be,
In the rugged beauty of the West.
America is great, but give me Texas,
The home that I love best.


–Lacey Deaver