The End Unmeasured

Seven times his tired feet stumbled,
as many times he hefted body erect,
he pushed himself to step again forward.

Unsteady, onward, stumbling he went,
but goal was always large in sight,
he walked though tired and wavered not.

To the left and right defeated souls
lay crying in their loss of spirit,
their legs refusing to endure the pain.

The end unmeasured, speed not required,
the race might end at any moment,
the movers winners all declared.


The Raging Pachyderm

The wild and raging Pachyderm
Burned down the House, from roof to floor;
Attacked the ravaged Town, in turn,
Where reigned the foolish Mule before.

In flames, the flunkies and also-rans
Kiss Pachy’s loud and massive trunk;
He leads his fawning, adoring fans,
To ruin, undisciplined and drunk.

In his wake, he leaves destruction,
No soul his verbal rampage spares;
The Party followed his seduction,
To folly’s fall they now are heirs.



Through large and looming clouds appears
A single ray of sunlight, thin
And weak against the threatening dark.

Though all the sky be filled with storm,
Upon this single shaft of hope
My eyes shall dwell and bid it grow.