A poem says it better. In a handful of lines you can pack a punch, an unforgettable image, a memory from days forgotten, a lesson to remember.

Years ago, when my four children were small, we began a weekly Saturday evening tradition called “Poem Night.” All kids and parents were required to find (or compose) poems each would read in front of the family, while we sipped cups of hot tea. It made them have to present something in front of an audience, gave them cause to get acquainted with some classic literature, and sparked creativity in everyone. We have a notebook now of original poetry from my wife, kids, and me. Their Grandfather even got in on it, submitting his own poems from afar via email, so they could be read at the Saturday ritual. Many were serious. Many were silly. Many a serious poem was laughed over hysterically when the reader contracted a sudden case of giggles. These years later, though our nest is getting emptier, we still carry on the tradition. Those old efforts from the kids still get dusted off and read aloud on occasion. I’m glad we made that our family custom.

Prancing Pen was launched in April 2016 as a place to publish original poetry by a few friends. With no sweeping theme, poems here will run the gamut from biblical to whimsical in a plethora of styles and stanzas. As the collection grows, we want all to find something to pique your interest, cause reflection, evoke a memory, or make you laugh out loud. We hope you enjoy, subscribe, and share what you like. Thanks for taking a look. And special thanks to Ethan Deaver for our custom fountain pen logo.

–Weylan Deaver