þingvellir Park, Iceland


Rugged lines, ragged rocks,
The moss and grass can’t mute the years
Of violent heavings ere Vikings sailed
Or man appeared to make his mark.

Ancient forces issued forth
From deep within the darkened earth;
Hardened ice and heavy snow
Crumbled soil and crushed boulders.

Pangs of twisting, pains of sin
Convulse the planet, vain in purpose,
World and man awash in madness,
Their beauty fading, burning to ashes.

Questions and Answers

In honor of Fred E. Dennis, author of “Fifteen Hundred Bible Questions and Answers

So many questions! Hundreds of questions!
All answered by God in sound expressions!
Facts and dates and times and places,
Truths, commandments, deeds, and faces,
With Bible book and chapter and verse
To prove it all, our time to rehearse
The eternal plan as events unfold,
By prophets and apostles told.

What blessing to know about this plan
Completed in the Son of Man!
Our answers all in Christ are found,
To walk with God where glories abound.