Halloween Candy

Trick or treat, time to eat
Fill my bag with something sweet
Weighted on the sugar side
With mono- and diglyceride
BHT preserves with letter
The artificial-er, the better
Processed cocoa, lecithin
Citric acid, albumen
A witch’s brew with bubbly boil
Partly hydrogenated oil
Caloric cacophony, I can’t wait
For dextrin and sodium acetate
Corn syrup makes me come alive
FDC Yellow #5
My taste buds nearly jump the tracks
For dextrose and carnauba wax
I may be stunted, I may be shorty
But I can’t quit Red #40
Potassium sorbate makes me smile
And malic acid gives me style
TheĀ flavor is too high to rate
With glyceryl monostearate
So let’s hit the street, it’s time to march
In quest of modified food starch!

-Weylan Deaver


Dark cloud in flight
By fading light
Emerge from cave
With sonar wave
Faces furry
Flying flurry
Night wing flap by
Bug trap in sky
Coil spring unwound
Above the ground
Hover at flower
The witching hour
Nose in nose out
Now pollen snout
Your sun is moon
Midnight is noon
Snooze upside down
Reclusive clown
That toothy grin
That see-through skin
You earn the nod
For straight up odd
Yet still we fear
To see you near
Airborne joker
Thanks, Bram Stoker.

–Weylan Deaver